Bad Credit Van Finance

Get Van Finance Even With Bad Credit

Do you need a loan to finance a van or other vehicle, but you have a bad credit rating?

Usually a poor credit score due to defaults on loan/credit card payments, mortgage arrears,  County Court Judgements,  Individual Voluntary Arrangement or bankruptcy means the main lenders will not lend to you.

However, the good news is …it is possible to get vehicle funding even with a bad credit score, depending on your circumstances.  Even if you have been rejected by previous attempts to get credit in the past, getting finance is not impossible.

A bad credit score makes it more difficult to get finance … and you are unlikely to get the cheapest rates of interest and best terms … but there are lenders, who will give you van finance in spite of your bad credit rating.

An important thing to do if you have a bad credit score is to start re-building your ability to get credit in the future.  A good way of doing this is to get short-term vehicle finance. Then by making the monthly payments on time right  to the end of the agreed term, you are showing a future lender that you are a good risk.  This will help to improve your credit score.

Can anyone with bad credit get vehicle finance?

In short: No.  Your ability to get vehicle funding will depend on how bad the credit situation is and your current circumstances.  You will need to be able to prove where you live, have a current permanent income that you can prove and a deposit to put down as an initial payment.

One question often asked by people with bad credit is: “Can I get a deal with no deposit?”  If you have bad credit you will need a minimum deposit of around 3 month’s payments.  So, if the monthly payment for the vehicle is £350 you will need at least £1,000 to get vehicle finance.  You will also need to show that you can afford the monthly payments for the finance.

The quickest and easiest route to getting finance with bad credit is to use a vehicle finance company, such as  Vehicle finance brokers know of the right lender for your personal circumstances and have the experience and contacts to find you the right finance package deal. 

The good brokers will have relationships with every lender and can quickly know which lender would suit your circumstances.  They will do one credit check, which is important, as several credit checks done by different brokers can make your credit rate even worse.

Vehicle finance brokers can help you get the required amount of cash quickly and easily. They get paid a commission by the lender only if you go forward with the vehicle finance offered … so it’s in their interest to get you a deal you’re happy with.


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